Our professional interior decorators can transform your place with their creative ideas.
Brickman possess a team of certified interior designers who are qualified to design, prepare and submit any type of non-seismic interior construction plans and specifications to various building departments.

Select furniture to enhance interiors

We pride ourselves in creating functional and visually stunning interiors for our clients. We provide you a choice of furniture designs for both office and home interiors.

Turnkey Services

If you are looking for support throughout the entire interior process, then Brickman can help you with a complete turnkey solution. Our professional interior designers will guide to you every step of the way.

We will support you from concept and design, to fitting and management, completion and maintenance service.

Consultancy services for unique designs

Our guidance helps you create an attractive and unified vision for your decorating project with right colors, textiles to create a specific mood in the story of your space.
Whether it’s an entire house or a single room, we will make your space look best.

Quality work

Our interior design specialists are capable to enhance the features to enliven your space. With significant professional skills, our team can provide better ideas to create a modern, stylish and contemporary interior design.
Our professional interior decorators come up with the latest themes, styles and design concepts with a deeper understanding of the project to fulfill your desired requirements.

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