Project planning is the initial step of our residential company. Our team will solicit your ideas about what you want to have. We work more specifically to drawings and other related information that convey the fundamental, intrinsic requirements of a design.

At Brickman, we work with a team of great architects, who can help you plan a dream home with the amount of money that you are willing to invest.

Select furniture to enhance interiors

When looking for an individual style in your home or office, there is no better option than custom furniture design. Whether it’s a functional piece or just nice to look at, our designers will work with you to build something that incorporated lines, materials and ideas that appeal to you or make a statement for your family.

Custom furniture is an awesome idea when it comes to space management. We help you transform your unique furniture ideas into functional and durable additions to your room space.

At Brickman, we provide you additional benefits of longevity and flexibility in terms of material, design and dimensions for both interior as well as outdoor.

Turnkey Services

Brickman provides end-to-end services for setting up design and execution that facilitates greater quality control. We offer to create a dream home with our professional interior fit out services.

Irrespective of the size of the space, Brickman has its team of experts to provide you with the best solutions which can otherwise be a difficult task for a common person. Furniture, lighting, ceilings, portioning, insulation and energy outlets are some of the important aspects that need to be considered when think of a perfect house.

Our professionals will help you in minimizing the cost and the inconveniences of the work. We can complete the fit out job neatly and quickly giving your place a complete new look.

Consultancy services for unique designs

When it comes to design, Brickman possesses a large number of diverse professionals with divergent expert knowledge and experience.
Our design specialists can operate individually or as a member of a renovating team. We work in harmony with clients to guarantee that every element in our course of action meets the client’s needs.

Quality work

Home designing is an art which requires trained eyes, expert knowledge and creative minds. At Brickman, we are constantly striving to reach perfection and give our clients the best results within the estimated time.

We work with the motive to simplify and transform the look of any sort of residential projects through the techniques of innovation, inspired by world-class designs and cutting-edge technology.

Our efficient team possesses the correct combination of skills, expertise, experience, and communication abilities to ensure the process to be a success.

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